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Welcome! This website is meant to complement my blog. Whereas the blog provides more frequent updates and thoughts on technology, politics and whatever comes up, this site provides a place for some more permanent original content, a central link to external contributions I make, and links to organizations I support.

Some Photographs

flickr is an interesting photo-sharing site that I've become addicted to recently. flickr has tagging, community groups, a public API, an embrace of the Creative Commons, and--one of my favorites--the ability to download the original files.

I share some photos privately with friends and family using it, but I also have a lot of public photos as well.

In some ways the public photos is like a blog, telling the story of places I've been to or things I am interested in. At the same time, it has some of the pitfalls of a blog--do I want to share more personal moments, or just put up a public persona? (I've leaned towards the latter for the photos I share with everyone.) Do I share only the very best/favorite photographs I've taken (which are few and far between), or do I just share everything. (I do a little bit of both.)

One other interesting thing that came out of flickr is the geobloggers site, which combines Google Maps with flickr. You can see the pictures that I have geotagged.

Below is a random sample of my publically shared photos.
Does the 109th Congress Represent America?

Following the November 2004 election, I read about many reasons that Democratic losses were not the result of Democratic policy positions. I even came up with a few reasons on my own. Many of these reasons are valid, but it turns out one reason I came up with simply wasn't.

I had the idea that the way congressional seats are apportioned led to over-representation of Republicans. I did some analysis, and it turns out I was completely wrong. (You can also see the spreadsheet I created to do the analysis. It has the party breakdown of each state's Congressional delegation for the 109th Congress, along with the average population size of each state's Congressional districts.)

Ownership in the Augmented World

The "augmented world" is my term for the combination of augmented reality and ubiquitous computing. Essentially, this is the intersection of the digital world with the real world.

I performed research for my Master of Engineering degree in the Sociable Media Group at MIT's Media Lab. My thesis was an augmented reality project named Hear&There, which looked at sound augmentations.

Now, I'm interested in looking at ownership in the augmented world. I've written an essay describing this at a high level. [It's still in rough draft form...]


I was taking evening classes at Foothill Community College for a while to learn Mandarin. I got through Mandarin I and II. To make studying easier, I created a JavaScript-based set of Chinese Flashcards. I made the system pluggable, so you can grab the "source" and easily create your own flashcards. I also created a very simple Pīnyīn Editor.